About Freebirders

Thank you for visiting our web spot dedicated to the best passion of all: bird watching.

Freebirders is the result of my love for nature and especially for birds. I want to share my experiences and the enjoyment of the outdoors with you. Many of these moments have deeply enriched my life.

My mission is to give wings to your love of birding and help you create better experiences. Whether you go to one of the many beautiful parks in North America or anywhere in the world, I will be here to help you with the information you need.

Birds have fascinated man since he took his first steps on the planet. Our ancestors, who left the trees to live at ground level, were capable of climbing mountains, diving into the water, crossing seas. Birds too… and they could fly wherever their instincts moved them.

Enjoying birding requires a dose of calm and attention alike. Birdwatching is a source of inspiration on many levels.

Also, even for pleasure, bird watching often involves memorizing and learning new information, such as the names and habits of the birds, their shapes, colors, songs, and habits. This is an excellent exercise for our minds.

If you have any questions or have an idea for Freebirders, consider us your place on the web for all things birding. We want to hear from you through our contact page.

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Erik Sølvberg