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The Best Monoculars For iPhones and Smartphones

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Nature is best enjoyed when it is undisturbed, but this presents a dilemma. How can we possibly clearly view the wild birds and natural ecosystems that we love without being right next to them?

Sure, iPhone cameras have a zoom feature, but to use it clearly you may still need to be close enough to disturb the animals you are viewing.

A high-quality camera will do the trick, but those are very expensive and often more difficult to use than they appear.

If you have debated this dilemma in the past then you have likely come across the idea of turning your phone into a higher quality camera. This solution makes it easy to access your photos and convenient to capture stunning sights at a moment’s notice.

Clip-on lenses for smartphones are easy to come across and provide a relatively affordable option, but their crux is in the quality. Years of searching for a solid solution to viewing distant landscapes and animals has led me to try plenty of clip-on lenses and I was disappointed to find that many did not suit my phone’s camera properly, did not focus on images very clearly, and simply did not satisfy my standards.

In continuing my effort to improve my phone’s photo-taking capabilities, I stumbled across another solution. Monoculars with smartphone adapters are ideal for viewing natural areas from afar with crisp quality. This versatile technology is small enough to carry with you, provides images that look like they came from a professional camera, and can be used without your cell phone for real-time viewing as well.

Best of all, monoculars tend to be very affordable despite their quality, making them the perfect assistant for seasoned bird watchers and amateur nature enthusiasts alike.

It can be difficult to choose and understand a new piece of technology, so here is a curated list of the top monoculars for iPhone:

  • Best Rated Monocular for iPhone: Roxant Falcon 10x42 High Definition Telescope
  • Best Monocular for Birders: Gosky 12x55 High Definition Waterproof Monocular
  • Most Affordable: Sawmax Monocular Telescope 12x50 With Smartphone Adapter
  • Best Long Range Monocular: Pankoo 40X60 High Power Monocular
  • Best Lightweight: Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular

All of their perks and weaknesses will be discussed below so you can choose the perfect fit for your needs.

Take your photography and scenic gazing to the next level with these spectacular monoculars!

Best Rated Monocular for iPhone

Roxant Falcon 10x42 High Definition Monocular

Roxant Falcon 10x42 High Definition Monocular

If you want all the accessories, a monocular for your phone, and a comfortable price, then the Roxant is a good option. This scope may be on the smaller side and have a smaller sight, but those are its only notable weaknesses.

This monocular comes with a hand strap, tripod, iPhone adapter, cleaning cloth, and a holster that conveniently loops onto any belt. As soon as this monocular arrives you will be ready to head out and capture some stunning sights. To top it all off, a lifetime replacement guarantee will make sure that this monoscope lasts.

Individuals who are new to outdoorsing and photography could greatly benefit from all of the extras condensed into this item, and the lifetime replacement guarantee is great for those who will be putting the integrity of this product to the test in harsher environments.

Best Monocular for Birders

Gosky 12x55 High Definition Waterproof Monocular and Smartphone Phone Holder

Gosky 12x55 High Definition Waterproof Monocular and Smartphone Phone Holder

The Gosky 12x55 is a powerful monocular that falls slightly on the larger and more expensive side. While those points may be considered weaknesses, they are the price we pay for a number of benefits.

This model has an exceptionally strong build that can take a beating, making it perfect for hikes, hunting, and other extreme physical activities. The wide multilayer crystal prism glass used to magnify images is capable of providing large clear views of faraway objects. As with all of the monoscopes on this list, a smartphone adapter is included and it fits almost every smartphone. The Gosky 12x55 also comes with a firm strap for comfortable holding and the eyepiece is adjustable for individuals with or without glasses.

Overall, this monocular is great for any individual who is looking to both see images and take pictures from really far away without sacrificing the broadness of their view. However, this product does not come with a tripod, so for increased clarity of images, it is suggested that you have your own, which should fit into its universal tripod port.

Most Affordable Monocular

Sawmax Monocular Telescope 12x50 With Smartphone Adapter

Sawmax Monocular Telescope 12x50 With Smartphone Adapter

Surprisingly, an increase in size doesn’t always correlate with a price increase when it comes to monoculars. The Sawmax 12x50 falls on the larger side, and would not be considered pocket-size to everyone. However, it is also one of the cheapest monoculars for iPhones on this list.

The Sawmax comes with a pouch, a hand strap, a detachable wrist strap, a cleaning cloth, the classic iPhone adapter, and a simple tripod. While this monocular shares a lot in common with the others on this list in terms of view quality, its biggest boast is night vision which is accomplished through a high-light penetrating lens. Keep in mind that this isn’t the full night vision you see in movies, but a heightened view in low light conditions.

Its larger size makes this monocular best suited to staying put in a car or near a window that you regularly birdwatch from, just make sure to test it for satisfaction before the 60 day return period is up!

Best Long Range Monocular

Pankoo 40X60 High Power Monocular

Pankoo 40X60 High Power Monocular

The Pankoo 40x60 is the monocular with the highest magnification capabilities on this list. All of this viewing power is so compact, that the entire monocular with smartphone adapter is actually under a pound in weight and easily handheld. Quality lenses and a strong weather-resistant build make this a perfect on-the-go sightseeing tool.

Aside from the cell phone attachment and tripod, this monocular doesn’t come with any other goodies, like hand straps. However, the tripod is of good quality and has adjustable heights, so it is well suited for use on a monocular for iPhones. The only major drawback to this item is the amount of stability needed to enjoy its maximum viewing capabilities.

More magnification means any shaking is intensified, so this monocular is best suited to activities where you need to see rather far but can remain relatively still or leave your setup on a tripod.

Best Lightweight Monocular

Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular and Smartphone Holder

Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular and Smartphone Holder

In many ways, this Gosky Titan 12x50 is a slightly smaller version of the first monocular on our list. For mildly reduced magnification, a lower price is gained. The quality of this product is on par with other Gosky monoculars. A shock-absorbing rubber casing and waterproof dust-proof design help this monocular last.

This model comes with a soft pouch for transportation, a wrist strap, an iPhone adapter, a cleaning cloth, and a tripod adapter. While this monocular does not come with its own tripod, it should suit most if you already have your own, making it a stable monocular for iPhones.

This monocular is best suited to monolensed iPhones and is considered to be very comfortable for viewing things in real-time, like wildlife.

Tips To Choose The Perfect Fit for Your iPhone

Purchasing the perfect monocular for iPhone use is no easy task, but hopefully, this list has helped you get a clear focus on what you need. When choosing a monocular it is important to keep in mind that they will all have a black ring around the image, which will appear in a circle. This is a result of the magnifying process and it is completely normal.

Take some time to consider where your monocular with a smartphone adapter will be used most, the intensity of the environment it will be kept in, how far you are planning to carry it, and what subjects you plan on using it for. If pictures are your priority it is always best to have a tripod on hand to prevent shaky images. If this is your first monocular for the iPhone, it can be best to purchase a product that comes with all of the accessories you need.

There is so much beauty in the natural world beyond what our eyes can see, and a monocular with a smartphone adapter is the perfect way to both actively view and permanently capture the stunning scenery around us.